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Corporate and Promotional Entertainment Specialist

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Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Promotions

Your venue already offers great food, drinks, and atmosphere. Why not add powerful and effectiveentertainment-based promotion as well? Malik is a veteran entertainer in hospitality venues. His customized entertainment helps create positive memories and experiences for your guests. Far from being an entertainment gimmick, this is a sophisticated, high-caliber product. Call or email to schedule a complimentary assessment and trial.


Benefits of this type of entertainment for your venue:

Add to the atmosphere - Major companies all over the world understand the power of a "brand ambassador" model to create positive face-to-face interactions with customers. Now imagine the benefits of an experienced, professional presenter and entertainer on-site to interact with your guests. Malik can create buzz, excitement, and wonder with expertly performed sleight of hand and mental mysteries.


Recognize VIPs - What better way to add the special touch to a VIP visit than a command performance by the house performer? Malik's experience with celebrities and dignitaries will ensure that important guests leave with positive memories.


Mitigate the effects of inevitable problems - Every hospitality venue at some point falls victim to seating or service delays. Skillfully crafted interactive entertainment can make the added time virtually vanish.